Who I am


I have a mixed style of romantic and documentary approach to wedding photography. I want to capture the real life of your wedding, not only staged portraits but the essence of the emotions, the silly moments, the romantic moments, the joy filled moments. I want to capture the delight of the day in peoples faces and the moments that make us human. I want you to be able to look back at your wedding photography and enjoy the story of your special day, told by the relationships captured, the real moments between friends and family and the essence of your love.

About me

I am a full time photographer and have been shooting weddings for the past 7 years. Traveling to places near and far for romantic and joy filled weddings is a dream come true for me. I serve couples who seek joy in their relationship and who aspire to make their love story last.  I often help pose couples and then when they start to relax I quickly capture the in-between laughs, fun kisses and delight filled moments. If you want to open up with each other and get a little silly or messy then I am the right girl to serve you as your photographer.

I am a seeker of beauty and joy. living by the sea, stunning flowers and gorgeous sunsets make my heart smile.

When I am not shooting weddings I am working on my female surf film about surfers in the U.K. I enjoy bringing my film making cinematic eye into my photography style.


Oh Sunflower

What is my logo?

I love symbolism and I believe life is full of it, full of patterns and deeper meaning that is speaking to us and wanting to teach us. The logo is of a female face pointed upwards, looking towards the heavens, half of her head is a blossoming sunflower with 9 petals. 9 is the number that represents fruitfulness.  There are also 9 seeds scattered around the face to bring balance. In the center of the head, there is the Fibonacci seeds sequence spiraling outwards (nature’s code, research that) It also looks like headphones and is placed over the mind of the head, to represent thinking, deeper thought, and patterns of life. I wanted something very unique, beautiful, and symbolic, and asked my brother to create the logo for me, he did an awesome job.


The sunflower follows the rays of the sun and needs room to grow. The world’s tallest sunflower reaches 30 Feet!

”How radiant.  A lovely sight
Glowing in the bold sunlight.
Love, peacefulness, and mirth—
Giving joy upon the earth.
Sunflower.  Unique you are.
Your beauty radiates afar—
Engaging the human race,
As always, with a happy face.” Walterrean Salley