About Me


I am a lifestyle, commercial and beauty photographer as well as film maker who currently resides in Bournemouth, UK.

Having studied digital film production and screenwriting, I have produced and directed adverts, short films, and a documentary.

I grew up in Cape Town and Knysna, South Africa where I  discovered a love for story telling through writing. I later moved to the UK to pursue a career as a digital visual artist and studied digital film production, acting and screenwriting. It was through my studies that I picked up a camera and began my journey as a commercial photographer.

Influenced by playful and emotive narratives, color and beauty. I enjoy creating stories with a cinematic approach and photography with vibrance and emotion.
Comfortable on set and in front of the camera, I have worked for companies ranging from my own startup companies to the BBC both in front and behind the camera.

As well as working on my personal work, I have helped   with a studio start ups in Bournemouth .

I love being outdoors and capturing elements of beauty, adventure and emotion.


I have gained a skill set that enables me to take a project through from idea to final image or video to a high standard.

Premier Pro Video Editing
Pre production
Script Writing


PHOTOGRAPHY, Directing, Screenwriting, Production Management, EDITING, LIGHT and Art direction.

Arts University Bournemouth – Visiting Tutor

Teaching Light room in evening classes, taking pupils from basic knowledge to professional level.

Vox Women – The home of women’s cycling

Camera woman and Editor. Filming on location various cycling events and then editing the final short video for you tube channel as well as capturing content to be used on the television show.

Mr Lee’s Noodles Company

Production manager and photographer for the media department. Using a wide range of my skills to come up with ideas , write scripts, produce social media adverts or promotional video content. I have both directed adverts for Mr Lee’s Noodles and managed projects. I was also the in house photographer and produce photography for newspaper, online and magazine articles.

Top Cat Media Group

Lead photographer, creating photography for small to medium size business online marketing campaigns. Applying myself as an art director as well as using various forms of lighting techniques to create high quality promotional images.  I have also filmed and edited various adverts for them, including a campaign for MORE BUS which went to cinema.


Production assistant. Throughout my studies at university I worked with the BBC in Birmingham on shows such as DOCTORS and HUSTLE. At times I was bought on as a walk on actress, but mainly worked as a production assistant, taking care of actors and various other duties. Starting off my career in this industry taught me that long hours and hard work are required to create successful commercial work.  It was also the start of my desire to be a commercial photographer and film maker.


As a freelance photographer I have produced work for reputable brands. Glidesoul women’s wear, a world wide popular female surf clothing company. I have had work printed in the USA, portrait of 3 time world champion wake boarder, and created a vast amount of content for a range of different companies from food, to travel, to beauty products.

I have a strong and ever improving knowledge on light, I like to think outside of the box and left field, as well as reign in my creativity when needed to create commercially viable content.


I’m learning every day.

BA joint, Screenwriting & Digital Film Production
Worcester University

Having studied how to create story and structure it in a screenplay format, it has helped me expand my directing and photography skills so that I can create photography and video with emotion and story.

SPEED, Business start up awards
Worcester University

I won a place for a years training in business start up. Here I learned more about the behind the scenes of business marketing and organization which filters into how I plan and run photography and video-shoot.


Email: info@shealanfaere.com
Phone: +44 7539043060

Please feel free to contact me to chat about what you are looking for,  and how I can help you achieve your video or photography goals.