Your Parenting Guide

INFO: National government initiative, magazine given to new mothers.   

BRIEF:  Natural image of mother and baby with Mr Lee Pure Foods noodles in shot. Mother having a break to eat from hectic schedule. Image will be part of a full page spread advertorial.

GlideSoul woman’s wear

INFO: World-wide brand Glide Soul Neoprene Water wear: wetsuits, swimwear and life vests for women.

BRIEF:  Capture lifestyle shots of glide soul woman’s wear.

JBay beach wear

INFO: Beach life wear.  Made in England, Bournemouth.
Each item is unique due to material dying method.  Fun, Fresh, beautiful.

BRIEF:  Lifestyle and whimsical shots of Jbay clothing.

Surf Rush Skate

INFO: Clothing brand for the surf and skate lifestyle.

BRIEF:  A selection of images that show the brand with nature elements, for web content.

Mayan Beauty Products

INFO:  An all natural beauty product range created in the UK

BRIEF:  Create feminine, ethereal images portraying the natural ingredients of product.